Suspicion & Deception

November 28, 2006

The state of TIAH

November 28th, 2006

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in 1872, on board the Mary Celeste, Captain Albert Richardson continues to believe the barrels are full of sea-water substituted by the New York Ship owners J.H. Winchester and Co. who he suspects will claim the $34,000 insurance value for the raw alcohol by wrecking the Celeste. Driven by his own suspicions, and also keen to end the crew’s tension, he decides to open the barrels the very next day. –entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context – You’re the Judge!

in 1941, in response to the “day of infamy” pre-emptive strikes by the Axis Forces on Mers-el-Kébir and Martinique known as “deux six un un” (2611), the allied powers comprising the social democracies of France, Germany and Italy declare war on fascist Anglo-America. –entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context – You’re the Judge!

in 1990, Israeli Prime Minister Yitshak Shamir senses duplicity in the strange messages he is receiving from the British and US Governments. They are suspiciously keen for the State of Israel not to participate in the upcoming Gulf War and indeed are about to deploy a defensive missile system and, even more amazingly, man it themselves. To destroy the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Shamir suggests going pre-emptive – why take a defensive position? He proposes a reprise of the 1981 strike on Osirak which destroyed Iraq’s nuclear reactor – likely to be reactivated as the current R&D site by the Iraqis – and the Pentagon guys go just about crazy. This new defensive policy is a complete break with former teaming agreements such as the joint invasion of Suez, the US arming of Israel during the Yom Kippur War etc. Shamir grasps that the British and Americans are not completely levelling with him. –entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context – You’re the Judge!

in 2126, Mullah Elijah Rafsanjani angrily shouts at his son Muhammed to switch off the Al Jazeera television channel which is showing countless re-runs of the recent showcase trial of Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majidida al-Tikriti versus the redneck George Walker Bush. “’Only Allah knows what tomorrow will bring’, father” retorts Muhammed, quoting from the Koran. A fiendish idea starts to take shape in the recesses of the Mullah’s cunning mind. –entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context – You’re the Judge!

In spite of the utter brain-crushing fatigue, Janice was elated. She had a witness who was in Crawford at the time of the alleged explosion who was very much alive and not showing the slightest sign of radiation exposure. The young woman, Linda Raintree, had apparently had a tiff with her mother the night before and run away. With little idea of where to go, she had been wandering around the roads since then, trying to hitchhike on a day when virtually all traffic into and out of Crawford had ceased.
Just because she was a cautious person, Janice had run the Geiger counter over Linda a couple of times, and it registered no elevation in radiation levels. After answering as many questions as she could, Linda had collapsed in Janice’s back seat and was now sleeping like the dead. Janice had changed batteries in her night-vision goggles and was tearing down the road at a highly unsafe speed to get her passenger to a motel.
Her plan was to check Miss Raintree into a room, possibly catch a nap herself, then head into Waco. Having an eyewitness was good, but she still wanted visual confirmation of Crawford’s continued existence, and she had formulated a plan. Baylor University had to have a meteorology building that would have rooftop access and a high view of the surrounding area. She’d get into the city, get to the top of that building, and use her binoculars and long-range camera to locate and take pictures of a certain ranch. Then, she’d get the hell out of there and see about publicizing all of this.
After that, she’d probably have to stay on the move until the people took back control of the country. She wanted to record a few of these observations, but didn’t want to wake Raintree by talking into her recorder; she’d just have to remember to do it later. She knew a couple of guys who would gladly form a resistance cell if need be. Mike and Eli had been itching to shoot a few government agents since acquiring their first illegal firearms. Their rather unsocial tendencies could finally be harnessed to some public good.
Whether public support could be harnessed was another matter. It all depended on how much those in current control of the country wanted to retain that control. They had the media, and could pump out propaganda about her and “debunk” her evidence much more effectively than she could get it into the public eye.
She saw a small motel on the side of the highway and pulled off the road. She parked on the shoulder long enough to turn off her goggles and turn on her headlights. She stowed the goggles under the seat and assumed the persona of the befuddled ditz who had somehow managed to evade curfew through sheer dumb luck.
She pulled the car into the deserted parking lot and cut off the engine. Leaving Miss Raintree asleep in the back seat, she walked up to the night desk and put on her flashiest smile. “Hi,” she said, waving at the surprised clerk. “Can I get a room?”
“Wow, lady, how’d you get past the Guard?” The clerk was a young fellow, probably a Baylor college student who had reported for the worst shift of his working life. “When they pulled down the curfew, they didn’t even let me leave here.”
“Oh my God,” she said, acting as surprised as she could through her exhaustion. “I haven’t seen anything like that.” She shrugged and laughed. “Just lucky, I guess.”

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